Who did what?

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John Daly


weeks of research. 

4 frantic sleepless days/nights writing

 (in character) 

The better part of year editing and confirming research.

John Daly encountered Matthew Lyon, crafted the musical, wrote all the lyrics, and most melodies.


Greg Goldman


Gregory Goldman arranged, played, recorded, produced every instrument. Every note you hear is Greg's interpretation of a bare melody or basic chord structure. 


Niel Maurer


Niel Maurer co-wrote with John, helped find the chords, flush out the plot arc and find hidden facets in the characters.  With an M.A in Theatre from Emerson college Niel knew  where to push the emotional threshold of the characters. Adding choruses when needed, holding onto flighty melodies; Spit'n Lyon simply 'wouldn't be' without Niel's help.

About the musicans

John Daly

Singer-songwriter, frontman for JohnDalyBand. Vermont farmer, Accidental history nerd

Greg Goldman

Veteran rocker, Multi-instrumentalist, Songsmith, Earwyrm Cocoon . 

Niel Maurer

Double masters of music,

 idea springboard, nimble fingers. pragmatic for dramatic 

Aural Piano Tuning

John Daly is a piano technician trained at North Bennet Street School. Owner and Tuner at  Auralpianotuning.com 

He a husband, father & step-father.

other music found at Johndalyband.com

John's vocals were recorded at 

Sugarhouse Soundworks 

Recording Artist

Greg Goldman is a recording artist and producer based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has released several albums both as a solo artist and with various bands and collaborations. He is also a psychologist, husband, and father of two. Samples of his other recordings can be found at www.GregGoldmanmusic.com.

Music Teacher

Niel Maurer is an educator and mentor, countless hours directing, conducting and jamming make Niel an ideal soundbaord.