In American history, one Congressman was re-elected from jail

In American history, one Congressman was re-elected from jail

In American history, one Congressman was re-elected from jailIn American history, one Congressman was re-elected from jailIn American history, one Congressman was re-elected from jail





Founder of Fairhaven, Vt. 

Publisher of

The Scourge of Aristocracy

The Lyon of Vermont

The public are here presented Matthew Lyon's musical entitled: Spit'n Lyon, an unsung soldier's song

Nature has left this tincture in the blood, 

that all men would be tyrants if they could;    

if they forbear their neighbors to devour, 

tis not for want of will,

 but want of power.-  

-De-Foe. Jure Divino.

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Females of History

Matthew's mother says goodbye. They never see each other again

Mrs. Lyon Portrayed by Cat Davis 

Who Am I?

Young Matthew heads to the 'Hampshire Grants.'  Duet with mother, not but a memory.

Hold My Tea

Triangulation of power. 

Haldimand Intrugue.

King George portrayed by Greg Goldman

Lyon portrayed by John Daly

Sam portrayed by Tellamusic

Co-Equal Branches

Lyon's first speech to congress was to refuse to attend to President Adams in an obsequious manner.  President Adams expected  to be greeted on bended knee... like a king. 

Griswold Portrayed by Kevin Shima 

President Adams Portrayed by MiltonBusker

Alien & Sedition Acts

Congressman Lyon is shackled as President Adams signs the unconstitutional Alien & Sedition Acts.

President Adams portrayed by 

Milton Busker

Perhaps the Gentlemen

Lyon's second wife, Beulah Chittenden campaigns while Matthew is in jail.

Beulah Lyon Portrayed by Tella

Ivory Tower

Lyon, in jail, still defiant 

Freedom is the Child

pregnant Lady Justice, sings democratic ideals. 

Lady Justice portrayed by: Sandra Wesley

Marshall Fitch

Senator Mason arrives to attempt to pay Lyon's bail. 

Senator Mason portrayed by John Daly

Marshall Fitch portrayed by Greg Goldman

Beulah Lyon portrayed by Tellamusic


Ethan Allen leaves this world. Dying in the arms of his niece, Lorraine.

Allen Portayed by Andy Goodman

This Might Not Work

Election of 1800, in which Lyon casts the tie-breaking vote for Jefferson

Who was the Lyon of Vermont?


Matthew Lyons Jail Cell, Jail cell Vergennes vermont, green street vergennes,

Imprisoned for violating the Alien Sedition act; which gave President Adams the right to bar or expel immigrants and incarcerate those who published against the administration


Matthew Lyon jail cell, Lyon's jail cell, uvm archive

Lyon's letter published accuses Adams of needing 'foolish adulation' and 'ridiculous pomp'  

Four Months in in jail, Oct-Feb. 

Re-elected by a 2-1 margin. A parade 12 miles long follows the Lyon of Vermont to Philidelphia.


alley in Vergennes vermont, green street vergennes vermont

"One who deserved a monument, and had it in the hearts of every true man, and who stood up... against power and corruption, yet this man was entitled to no thanks from those who came after him..."

-Waddy Thompson 

Immigrant, Orphan, Soldier, Stateman

Born in county Wicklow, Ireland 1750, Matthew Lyon emigrated to the New World a teenage orphan and was sold into indentured servitude in CT. After working and bartering for his freedom, Lyon moved to the Hampshire Grants with Ethan Allen & Mary Hosford.  ​​Enlisting as a Private, he served in all the major local Revolutionary War battles including Ticonderoga, Montgomery’s army and Saratoga. Through the course of his honorable service he was promoted to Adjunct Paymaster to General Seth Warner.

Founder of Fairhaven Vermont, publisher of the Scourge of Aristocracy, Congressman Matthew Lyon was imprisoned for violating the Alien Sedition act; which had given the President unconstitutional authority to expel or refuse immigrants and imprison those who published against the administration. Lyon won re-election, by a 2 to 1 margin, while serving a four month jail sentence in Vergennes Vermont. 

Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Mason, Apollo Austin,  the Green Mountain Boys, and the citizens in town ALL tried to pay his $1,060.96 bail but Lyon and his 2nd wife Beulah refused the money.

 The ‘Lyon of Vermont’ effectively ended the Federalist Party when casting the tie-breaking vote for President Jefferson during the election of 1800, which had gone to the Congress after the electoral college failed.

The Album Arc

"...the greater the villainy to be exculpated from, the greater the fee." M. Lyon